We feature articles, interviews, coaching tips, and expert opinions on achieving gender equality in the workplace.

Language Bias: How to Communicate Inclusively Within Your Organization

In a recent report LinkedIn pulled back the curtain on the impact gender-specific language has on individuals and organizations. The words we use are creating metaphorical potholes on women’s path to leadership.

Bridging the Gap: 7 Signs Your Organization Has a Broken Rung

Imagine a skyscraper where only those with a special pass ride to the top. Others must take an arduous climb up broken stairs, encountering locked doors and dead ends. This is what it’s like to be a woman in today’s business world.

What the Pandemic Taught Us About Diverse Leadership 

When COVID-19 turned our world upside down, it taught us some eye-opening lessons about diverse leadership. It ultimately showed us the real, tangible value of women leaders in a crisis.

Using Body Language to Command the Room: Executive Presence for Women Leaders

Imagine walking into a room full of men, and you’re the only woman. Executive presence is a quiet confidence that makes others take notice, trust what you’re saying and have faith in your abilities. And it has as much to do with your body language as what you say.

ESG and DE&I: The Dynamic Duo of Every Great Business

Getting ESG and DE&I to work together harmoniously can be a game changer for any business. Here’s how to align these strategies effectively.

Board Diversity: e.l.f. Cosmetics Calls Out Gender Imbalance

Cosmetic giant e.l.f.’s campaign revealed there are more men named Richard in top roles than women or other diversity groups by a landslide. Where is the board diversity?

Boards Need More Women Leaders: Business Benefits of Diverse Boards 

Despite progress, women still hold only a small slice of Board seats. Diverse boards boost companies’ performance, while companies with homogenous boards lag behind. The statistics speak for themselves. Let’s break it down.

Leading Through Digital Evolution: How Top Companies Are Transforming Their Business Model

A well-executed digital strategy can reshape market leadership, enhance customer interactions, and streamline operations, giving your business a significant edge.

Taking Control: The Path to Empowerment in Career and Life

Can women have it all? The answer is yes. But taking control and creating that elusive balance is hard, particularly for women.

Gender Diversity in the Era of AI

AI in business isn’t just about smarter tools and increased productivity; it has the potential to reshape how businesses run, including how we address gender dynamics.

Enough Excuses: It’s Time to Bridge the Gender Pay Gap

The gender pay gap excuses don’t stand up. Here are some practical insights for achieving gender wage parity across your business.

The Importance of Allyship in the Workplace

The important role of peer allyship for women on the path to the C-suite and the value of mutual support and collaboration in driving gender diversity.

The Power of Sponsorship for Inclusive Leadership Teams

Sponsorship is an excellent way for organizations to facilitate gender balance and, by proxy, improve their bottom line.

Where Are All The Women in AI?

There is still a stark gender gap in the fast-growing space of artificial intelligence - where are all the women in AI?

Women and Climate Change: How Women Leaders Will Save the Planet

Women and climate change. Women leaders have an important role to play in sustainability, so why are there so few of them in charge?


Lead Smarter, Not Harder: Strategic Thinking

Discover how balancing strategic thinking (often overlooked as a valuable commodity) with action can revolutionize your leadership approach.

5 Game-Changing CEO Insights for Women Leaders

5 Game-Changing CEO Insights for Women Leaders Want to be CEO? Here’s how to overcome some of the most common challenges faced by women leaders on their journey to the top. Only 5% of CEOs globally are women.  Yes, we’re seeing more women in C-suite positions, but by no means have we reached gender equality […]

Women In The Workplace: Stats That Debunk Myths

In our quest to reshape the corporate world, understanding the realities women face is crucial.

Do You Have Too Much Resilience?

Do You Have Too Much Resilience? Pushing forward when your body and brain are telling you to slow down could do more harm than good. Picture the scene: You’re in the midst of almost single-handedly delivering a big project for your organization, but your back hurts so much you can’t walk. Option A: You push […]

Why the Fifth Industrial Revolution Needs Women Leaders

The Fifth Industrial Revolution (5IR) is likely to reshape how we live and work forever.  But to survive and thrive in this new era, gender-diverse senior leadership is going to be more important than ever.

The Water Cooler Revolution

When Activision Blizzard – the company behind Call of Duty and World of Warcraft, two of the biggest game franchises ever – was sued last week by California State for breaking workplace protection laws, it went on the attack. It accused California’s action as “disgraceful and unprofessional” and labelled the state’s legislature “unaccountable state bureaucrats”. […]

Is Ambition a Dirty Word?

Is Ambition a Dirty Word? “The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.” ~ Steve Jobs. The VP of a large UK listed company lowered her eyes and whispered, “I want to be the CEO of this company”. It was as if just speaking her ambition out […]

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Should I Stay or Should I Go? Do you risk losing the goodwill and relationships you’ve built over years? What if you make a wrong move and it doesn’t work out? How do you decide? One of the most common questions we get asked is “Should I stay or should I go?” Women tend to […]

World Economic Forum Gender Gap Report 2022

What we suspected was the case post pandemic has been confirmed by the World Economic Forum: the progress towards gender parity is stalling. The new figures out this month, which come from research in 146 countries worldwide, show that at the current rate it will take 132 years to reach full gender parity. In 2020, […]

Think Tank Diversity Special: ‘The Great Resignation’

At our Think Tank event on June 30, 2022, Emma Codd, Global Inclusion Leader of Deloitte, presented the findings of the “Women @ Work 2022” report, which she co-created.  The data reveals a critical need to look at how we lead, how we’re led, and the culture in which we exist and perform. Emma shared these […]

5 Tips on How to Execute the Perfect Career Plan

No matter where you are in your career, it never hurts to look at where you are going and how you want to get there. At the start of the summer, I was asked to speak at a TEDx event about my experience as the Founder of WeQual.  In the last three years I have […]

G7 Manifesto for Gender Equality

Actions always speak louder than words? Sometimes. Though it can often depend who the messenger is. Take the fine words of the Gender Equality Action Committee – an independent group of experts assembled by the UK Government to champion freedom, opportunity, individual humanity and dignity for women and girls around the world. Their big moment […]

WeQual Global Members Speak at Conference on Future of Brands

WeQual believes that to make a difference you have to get involved in the conversation. We need to share valuable information to enhance the business world around us by engaging with others. Club members share experiences with each other within the WeQual network, but it is always worthy of note when they make a splash […]

Breaking the Last Glass Ceiling

by Bob Fesmire, ABB Houston, 2018. ABB’s Oil, Gas and Chemicals (OGC) business is looking to build its position with EPC (engineer-procure-construct) firms and taps Group Strategic Projects Manager Heather Cykoski to lead the effort. A 13-year veteran of ABB at this point, Heather has recently managed some high profile OGC projects and is ready for a […]

A People-Powered ‘Inclusive Diversity’ Approach

Putri Realita, Global Diversity and Inclusion Lead at Danone, gives WeQual a fascinating and exclusive insight into the ‘Diversity Inclusive’ approach that the global consumer goods giant has implemented over the last five years. Coming from Indonesia to the headquarters of Danone in Paris 5 years ago was a big leap for Putri, especially with […]

Diversity Has to Include a Seat at the Top Table

What I have learned about DEI from the WeQual Awards process Companies that are serious about diversity, equality, and inclusion, need to keep their DEI Chief out of the HR department. Because, if you believe in the importance of DEI, then your diversity and inclusion lead has to have a seat on the executive committee […]

After Regulation: Finding Balance in Compliance

An exclusive interview with Holly Kulka, Global Chief Risk & Compliance Officer for S&P Global Ratings.  When Holly Kulka arrived at S&P Global Ratings in August 2015, the company was just beginning to grapple with the storm of regulatory requirements growing out of the subprime crisis which had come into force in June of that […]

The Buck Stops with CEOs When it Comes to Women at the Top

Forget quotas and so-called “realistic” targets for gender diversity at Executive Committee (ExCo) level. Let’s be absolutely clear: what we are aiming for is a 50/50 split. Why? Well, it’s not rocket science! That is the gender split in the general population, therefore that should be the gender split on any executive committee. Anywhere in the world. […]

H.A.P.P.Y System: 5 Steps to Picking the Best Executive Coach

You’ve decided to get some help from an Executive Coach. That’s great news because all the evidence shows that working with a good Executive Coach can positively transform your leadership effectiveness and results. But what makes a good Executive Coach? And how do you find a coach that is a good fit for you? These […]

Gender Equality on Executive Committees is a Top Priority Goal

Yesterday, the Hampton-Alexander Review – which was set up to shine a spotlight on the representation of women in senior leadership positions – reported that the number of women on boards has risen 50% since the first review five years ago. The Review was my inspiration for the WeQual Awards. The visionaries who set it up, and […]

Rebecca Navarro on Future Proofing

Rebeca Navarro, Chief Transformation Officer for Europe and Head of Procurement at  Aryzta explains that there is no better time than right now to put sustainability at the core of your business. That means that almost half of the corporate world is not meeting the needs of their customers. And, with those customers making long-term […]

Interview with WeQual Global Member Isabella Panizza of Enel

This article is a translation of an interview by Valeria Arnaldi with Isabella Panizza. The article first appeared in the Italian national newspaper, Il Messaggero, on Tuesday January 12 2021. You can view the original article here. Culture, commitment, constancy. These are the principles on which Isabella Panizza has based her career. Born in Rome in 1973, […]

Financial Times – Decades of Advances Under Threat

The Financial Times interviewed a number of WeQual Global members about the effects of the coronavirus on senior executive women. The award-winning international newspaper reported that the global pandemic has put back longstanding efforts to increase their representation at mid and senior levels. Others reported a rise in senior women  being made redundant during the […]

Irish Times – Is the Covid Crisis Taking Women Back to the 1950s?

… Cindy Rampersaud, senior vice-president, Btec and Apprenticeships at Pearson UK, says this period has opened up discussions about women and work in her networks, including WeQual, an executive group, and has enabled managers to “see a more human side of people – they talk about their lives, it allows you to build relationships in […]

DiversityQ – WeQual Awards Identify FTSE Women Future Leaders

Katie Litchfield is the brains behind a new awards scheme to help aspiring businesswomen to achieve their executive potential. Together with Organisational Psychologist John Amaechi OBE, she talks about the challenges of getting more women in the boardroom. She was shocked to hear some women say they didn’t feel able to put themselves forward and […]

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