5 Tips on How to Execute the Perfect Career Plan

No matter where you are in your career, it never hurts to look at where you are going and how you want to get there.

At the start of the summer, I was asked to speak at a TEDx event about my experience as the Founder of WeQual. 

In the last three years I have spoken to hundreds of executives – as well as interviewing CEOs for WeQual’s podcast CEOs Uncut – and through this I have learned so much about how to create and execute the perfect career plan.

So here, I want to share five pieces of advice that I have learned through my journey with WeQual, on how to aim high and achieve your career goals: 

1 – Build Your Profile

A CEO once said to me after they had interviewed a WeQual: “This woman is so incredible. I would have hired her yesterday if I had known she existed.” In my experience, women are incredibly good at doing their jobs but spend most of their time looking down. 

You need to look up and make sure that you are being noticed. Be visible on LinkedIn and social media: show off – not only what you have done, but also what you are capable of. 

2 – Know Your Worth

So many of the women I speak to do not realise how good they are. People, women especially, sometimes forget the impact they’re already having in their role and the fact that they are already seen as a role model to others. So ask yourself: “If you could have any job in any company what would you be doing? Where in the world would you be doing it? And why would you be doing it?” 

Because once you start breaking down those self-limiting beliefs and put them to one side, you can really start to see the huge potential that is in you.

3 – Sort Out Your Work/Life Balance

Women are often managing many lives. You’re the boss, but you may also be a mother, a wife, a carer, and run a household too. So it is really important that you sort out your work-life balance. 

One CEO looking to hire said to me, “It is so important that women do more than just their work and actually have their own things that they invest their time into. Because this makes you interesting to other people. Life is not just about work and your home life. It is a balance. You’ve got to have your own interests and passions. They are just as important as everything else.”

Showing what your interests are  outside work and home is about showing your authentic self. Be yourself in your company. Be yourself in everything that you do, because people can see right through it when you can’t be – or aren’t your authentic self.

4 – Get an Executive Coach

Having an executive coach will help you more than you can imagine. It’s difficult to see how helpful it would be, if you’ve never had one before. But, trust me, once you’ve found a good executive coach you will wonder how you got so far without one. 

An executive coach will challenge you – about your thoughts and your aspirations – in a really safe space. And also about how you are seen and how you want to be perceived. They can help with specific situations and give you the clarity of vision you need to make the changes you need to make to really fulfil your potential.

5 – Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Finally, step out of your comfort zone. I like to call these “work bungee jumps.” Because when you make the decision to try something bold and new, you know there is a tiny risk, but your safety harness is knowing that you have already proved your worth.

Remember, there is an element of risk in everything you do – even crossing the road. But you won’t get to where you want to go by standing still.

And taking that leap is the most exhilarating feeling: you’re challenging yourself and showing yourself and the world just how capable you are.

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