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Integrate our Rising Leaders and Executives programs into your global organization to enhance your corporate gender strategy. 

Benefit from unparalleled scalability, worldwide perspective and the unique opportunity for your women managers and leaders to connect, grow and develop from a global community of peers.

The Business Case for Gender Equality

Promoting gender equality in listed companies drives innovation, enhances employee engagement, attracts diverse talent, fosters inclusive cultures and strengthens brand reputation, leading to sustained business success and shareholder value.

A Future Defined By Merit, Not Gender

"I founded WeQual to challenge this status quo, to create a world where a person's capabilities and achievements define them, not their gender. It's not just about correcting a wrong; it's about building a future that values and benefits from the diverse strengths and perspectives we all bring to the table."

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What Makes us Different?

  • We offer a truly global perspective
  • We can help you achieve your gender targets at scale 
  • We are a welcoming, worldwide community of peer-level women

Why Partner With WeQual?

  • We are the experts in gender balance at the corporate level 
  • We work with and are endorsed by the world’s leading organizations 
  • CEOs from companies like Sanofi, Kellanova, Mondi, Wipro, Diageo, HCL Technologies and Coca-Cola HBC have given their commitment
  • We’re deeply passionate about our business
  • We’re democratizing the career development of all women in the workplace – not just the few

The Business Impact of Joining WeQual

  • Support your women in mid-management and senior leadership
  • Achieve your gender equality targets faster and at scale
  • Benefit from global impact and an ‘outside-in’ perspective
  • Join a truly global networking community
  • Measure the impact on your cohort of women managers/leaders
  • Gain comprehensive and full-scale support

Frequently Asked Questions

Understanding the unique challenges women face on their journey to leadership roles is crucial. Simply put, the path to the top is harder for women than for men. The Rising Leaders Program is dedicated exclusively to women because we recognize that women need more support, not less. Here’s why this focus is essential:  

  • Representation matters: Women are in the minority. With only 5% of CEOs globally being women, the disparity in representation at the top is stark. Rising Leaders aims to challenge and change this statistic by empowering women with the tools they need to succeed.  
  • Experience before promotion: women often accumulate more experience before being promoted, which is why they feel they need to prove themselves more than men do. The Rising Leaders program is tailored to leverage this extensive level of experience effectively.  
  • Higher stakes: For women, the repercussions of making mistakes are disproportionately high. WeQual offers a safe space to learn, grow and navigate this additional pressure, with support from women leaders who’ve trodden this path before.  
  • Enabling authenticity: Women will often inadvertently alter their behavior in mixed-gender environments. Our women-only setting encourages authenticity, allowing participants to express themselves freely and confidently.  
  • Work-life balance: Many women juggle their careers with significant personal responsibilities such as childcare and/or eldercare. Our program is designed with this in mind, offering flexibility that accommodates these dual roles.  
  • Closing the gender pay gap: Despite doing the same job, women can often earn less than their male co-workers. The Rising Leaders program aims to equip women with the negotiation skills and strategies to advocate for themselves.  
  • Perception of Ambition: An ambitious woman faces harsher scrutiny than an ambitious man. In our program, ambition is celebrated and seen as a strength, providing women with a supportive community that champions their goals. 

Advancing gender equality is far more than hitting a business metric; it’s a strategic imperative that drives outstanding performance across every level of an organization. We encourage all our customers to speak to the compelling business case for increasing gender equality rather than focusing purely on a gender quota target.  

  • Ethical responsibility: It’s simply the right thing to do. Gender equality aligns with the core values of fairness and equity. By ensuring gender equality, businesses uphold their moral obligation to create a fair and equitable workplace. 
  • Regulatory compliance: With governments increasingly setting mandates for gender representation, especially in senior roles, companies that proactively embrace gender equality are ahead of the curve in meeting these requirements.  
  • Stakeholder expectations: Investors, customers, and employees are all voicing their demand for equitable representation. Companies that respond to this call demonstrate their commitment to societal expectations and position themselves favorably in the market. 
  • Enhanced performance and profitability: Evidence supports that gender-diverse companies outperform their less diverse counterparts. From revenue and profitability to innovation and decision-making, the benefits of gender equality are clear and quantifiable. 
  • Sustainable futures: Companies that prioritize gender equality are more likely to embrace sustainable practices and take a holistic approach to business decisions that consider environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors. These companies improve the lives of people generally and the planet more broadly. 

We run regular open Think Tank sessions that any managers or leaders within your organization can attend – regardless of gender. Attendance will not only provide rich learning, but the learning is provided through a positive gender lens. For example, the topics addressed are often by female executive role models, or from male C-suite members talking about the importance of a diverse and inclusive workforce to drive needed results.  

Investing in WeQual as a complement to your internal leadership program is an investment in a global perspective and diversity of thought. Here’s how WeQual can enrich your existing initiatives: 

  • Global perspective: WeQual serves as a bridge across the globe, offering insights and experiences from business leaders around the world. This external point of view can invigorate your internal programs with fresh, innovative ideas. 
  • Diverse thinking: Internal programs, while valuable, can inadvertently foster a homogeneous mindset. WeQual challenges this by exposing your leaders to a multitude of perspectives, thereby mitigating the ‘Group Think’ environment and encouraging creative problem-solving. 
  • Access to influencers: WeQual connects your leaders with some of the world’s most influential women in the corporate world, providing an opportunity to learn from their journeys. This exposure to successful role models can be incredibly inspiring and transformative. 
  • Authenticity and openness: In your internal setting, women leaders may feel the need to continuously prove themselves, which can stifle honesty about the challenges they face. WeQual creates a supportive space where vulnerability is not only accepted but encouraged, promoting genuine dialogue and collaborative problem-solving. 
  • Addressing common challenges: By focusing on shared experiences, WeQual allows for a collective tackling of issues, moving the conversation from personal struggle to shared solutions. This approach fosters a productive and less defensive learning environment. 

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